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PIM Driven eCommerce

One major challenge to consider when you show or sell products on an eCommerce solution is how to structure and maintain your product information.

It can quickly become an editorial bottle neck if you have not done the preliminary work properly, both in terms of building the data structure and choosing a well functioning PIM system.

It is important to choose a PIM system which can actually offer the right workflows and the flexibility vital for handling the data.

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Struct PIM is based on Umbraco which is the leading and fastest growing digital platform and CMS system based on Microsoft .NET

Umbracos through tested modules and workflows thus form the basis for Struct PIM and make the structuring of complex data a manageable task.

Struct is Umbraco Gold partner. Struct maintains a close connection to Umbraco HQ both regarding technical collaboration and in terms of business nwtworking. It also means that Struct has been able to enter into partnerships with other Umbraco Gold Partners.

Struct PIM is available through resellers and is being implemented by a large number of web and ecommerce agencies, both in Denmark, but also among Umbraco Gold partners in the rest of the world.

Struct PIM features that makes it easy to manage product information