Features making product editing easy

Wide range of built in functions.

Product attributes

The PIM offers sophisticated handling of products’ attributes by allowing product groups to control which attributes to fill for each individual product.

Attributes are set up and administered in one place after which they are reused across all products in the PIM.

Todo-lists and reporting

An efficient working procedure requires a constant overview.

The PIM therefore contains a number of tools to ensure the editor’s overview, including to-do lists, division of tasks, notification and reporting.

Bill of material handling

The inventory handling in the PIM makes it possible to handle spare parts and accessories by combining inventory with products.

Parts lists can also contain other parts lists so that a hierarchic structure of parts lists is easy to maintain.

Handle all languages and markets in one place

Integrated in Struct PIM is the handling of an unlimited number of languages.

Translation between languages is easily done in the PIM’s translation module.

Full logging of changes

Struct PIM logs all changes made in the system and via a simple button, it is possible to see which changes are made to products, product groups, attributes, etc. when and by whom.

Approval workflow

On products and product hierarchies, it is possible to use an approval flow in which certain information has to be approved before it can be published.

Who has the right to store, approve and publish is handles through the PIM's integrated rights system.

Product life cycle management

Struct PIM contains integrated facilities for the handling of the life cycles of products from when they are being developed until they are discontinued.

The life cycle handling makes it possible to control which persons can work with products dependent on which stage the product is in.

Sophisticated user and rights handling

Users in the PIM can be set up and administered directly from the interface of the PIM. Here it is also possible to specifically control the rights of each individual user in the system.

What a user can store on products, whether the user can approve certain information on a product, administer product hierarchy, global lists, etc. can easily be handled by means of the rights system.

Product editing

Having several approaches to find products, it is always easy for editors to find a specific product.

The PIM presents production information in several logically divided tabs allowing editors to always have a full overview of the product’s data. By using type specific input fields, the PIM constantly ensures that the editor cannot enter invalid values.

Integrated media bank

A complete media bank is integrated in the PIM. Storage of pictures and files is made easy simply by dragging and dropping files to the media bank.

When pictures and files have been entered in the media bank, they can subsequently be used everywhere in the PIM.

Global lists

Global lists allow a fast set up of new lists of content which can be related directly to other locations in the PIM.

In this way, the PIM ensures that data cannot be duplicated and thus only has to be maintained in one place.

Bulk update

With the bulk update feature, it is possible to mass edit information on products and variants easy and quickly.


Easily import and export product information in different formats.

PDF catalogues

With the Catalogue add on to Struct PIM it is possible to generate automated PDF catalogues.

This could be technical productsheets, pricelistes or even full production ready catalogues

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Virtual hierarchies

Organize your products specifically for the targeted audience

The PIM supports using multiple sales hierarchies, enabling you to organize your products differently for different target audiences. As an example, use one hierarchy for organizing your products for your B2B customers, another for your B2C customers and a third for your automatic catalogue production.

Open API

Integrate your organization's IT-systems with the PIM system

Struct PIM offers a REST-based webservice API, which makes it easy to integrate other systems, whether they need to deliver data to- or fetch data from the PIM system.


Have a constant overview of your most important KPI's

Using the PIM system's dynamic dashboard, it is fast and easy to setup even complex KPI's and show them on the PIM Dashboard to ensure you always have complete overview of your product data

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